Breman Cherry bathroom cabinets in new Morel finish

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Get a Glimpse of What’s In Store for June 2017

Innovation, Organization and Style Galore

Experience new designer inspired finishes and door styles, plus new cabinet innovations and organization solutions to take everyday tasks to task. Count on Diamond® to transform bland into beautiful, and bring order and comfort to modern living.

Toekick Vacuum

Cabinet with Toekick Vacuum in use

The new Toekick Vacuum, sold as a cabinet modification or accessory, removes debris in seconds with the tap of a foot, eliminating the need for a dustpan. Built into a base cabinet at floor level, the 120-volt unit's strong suction "sweeps up" the debris into a hidden disposable bag for fast everyday cleanups.

120V Power Source/Outlet

Cabinet drawer outlet in use

There's no need to clutter up the counter when charging phones and other electronic devices. Diamond puts 120V and USB power conveniently inside a drawer for easy, yet hidden access. Also great for styling tools and rechargeable items, such as electric razors, in the bath.

Battery Strip Light Modification

Battery strip lighting in a corner cabinet

Illuminate items stored in dark corners for easy access. Motion sensor activated and battery operated LED light strip is factory installed.

New Cabinet Door Style: Graniti

Graniti specialty laminate cabinet doors in Elk and Wharf finishes

Modernizing a space is easier than ever with Diamond's new contemporary laminate slab door option, Graniti. Available in choice of new cool, tan and gray Wharf, or popular PureStyle color Elk, in modern, textured vertical grain laminate to provide inspiring and personalized options.

New Finishes: Lambswool and Morel

Close-up of cabinet in Lambswool and Morel finishes

Soft colors evoke the hues of nature in new gray opaque Lambswool and wood tone stain Morel finishes, bringing the outdoors in to create refreshing new looks.

Base Bin Tray Pullout Cabinet

Base Bin Tray Pullout Cabinet used for pet food and toy storage

A perfect pullout cabinet to keep all of your pet's accessories, treats, food, toys and grooming tools in one organized and easy-to-access place. Each of the preconfigured options include a large, lidded food storage container and additional storage areas, along with an optional drawer for feeding dishes. Storage for your pet is a walk in the park!

Base Cabinet with Can and Wine Bottle Pullouts

Base cabinet with can and wine bottle pullouts

With capacity for up to 30 bottles, this new cabinet serves as a convenient and unobtrusive wine cellar. Or pick from 2- and 3-rack options featuring an adjustable, full depth shelf to tuck away canned goods and other rounded, cylindrical items.

Base Container Organizer Pullout Cabinet

Base container organizer pullout cabinet

Keep canisters off the counter but within easy reach with this space-saving organizer cabinet, which comes with its own see-through OXO™ containers neatly nestled inside for storing essentials such as dried beans, rice, and other dry pantry items. Two open-sided racks make it easy to see and remove canisters as needed.

Wall Refrigerator Pullout Cabinet

Wall refrigerator pullout cabinet

Multiple pullout configurations feature heavy-duty, smooth-gliding hardware to make it easier to get at those hard-to-access contents above the refrigerator. Plus, a variety of cabinet sizes allow for smart end-arounds when faced with challenging design obstacles.

Base Pullout Cabinet with Knife and Utensil Organization

Base pullout cabinet with knife and utensil organization

Easily store and access knives, spatulas and the like without cluttering up the counter with this new pullout organizer cabinet that keeps all at the ready.

Push-to-Open Base Wastebasket Cabinet

Push-to-open wastebasket cabinet

This convenient push-to-open modification with standard Smart Stop™ feature is an economical solution to an everyday need, providing hands-free access to wastebaskets for greater hygiene and less hassle, without requiring an electrical power source.