Diamond Cabinets in HGTV Magazine

Diamond Cabinets is featured on the cover of the October issue of HGTV Magazine! The cover showcases a kitchen with Diamond Cabinets in the Julien Maple door style, accented with matte gold pulls.
The Diamond Cabinets Julien door style combines meticulous craftsmanship with minimalist design. It features a flat panel, along with full overlay cabinet doors that include wide rails and simple profile details, inside and out.

Stephanie Pierce, director of design and trends at MasterBrand Cabinets, shares her thoughts about minimalist design saying, “Minimalist is a basic or clean aesthetic that does not typically have a high degree of items that draw the eyes focus.” In addition to the Julien door style, other examples of minimalist design include Diamond’s Tranter, Wixom and Graniti door styles.

Diamond Cabinets offers twenty finishes for the Julien door style. Pierce adds, “Color palettes associated with this design theme are usually monochromatic and light, although an occasional darker accent can be incorporated,” as seen on this month’s HGTV cover, which can be easily recreated in any home!

Here is a link to view the cover online: HGTV Online