Cabinet Finishing Techniques - Diamond Cabinets

Cabinet Finishing Techniques

Give your cabinet character

Finishing techniques are a great way to truly give your cabinets a unique look. Whether it’s creating those quaint distressed imperfections that give your cabinets a sense of identity, or enhancing the finishes and colors you’ve hand-chosen. Our finishing options optimize your style.


Add character and depth to select finishes/colors with over-sanding on edges and profiles for a naturally worn-to-the-material appearance that gives an old world charm. The glazing will enhance areas of material exposed by over-sanding to take on the darker characteristics of the applied glaze for a finish/color that is warm and perfectly aged.


Hewn is a light sanding technique that creates a subtle, aged appearance.

Extra Hewn

Extra Hewn is an aggressively burnished sanding technique applied to corners and raised profiles, exposing the underlying material.  


Timeworn’s light distressing technique mimics the look of wormholes, tiny dents and dings to replicate light signs of wear.

Extra Timeworn

Extra Timeworn adds more aggressive techniques like rasping and splits to emulate the wear found on a well-loved piece of furniture.